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In psychiatry, all the factors that determine a particular action.
[L.L. constellatio, fr. cum, together, + stella, star]


(kŏn″stĕl-lā′shŭn) [L. con, together, + stella, star]
A group, set, or configuration of objects, individuals, or conditions.
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Automatic creation and management of Netscape Netcaster and CDF channels for "hands free" delivery of push solutions.
The Netscape Netcaster client distributes and maintains content within an organization or across the Internet, ensuring subscribers can automatically receive the regularly updated information.
GroupLens continues to learn more and more about each subscriber every time they review their favorite content, enabling Netscape Netcaster channel providers to further personalize the pushed content to the interests of each customer.
By utilizing HTML, Java and Javascript, Gartner Group was able to create a timely, in-depth channel for Netscape Netcaster software users.
Support of the Netscape Netcaster platform is a natural evolution for developers like FirstFloor Software who want to bring push technology to the corporate market," said Danny Shader, vice president of developer and industry relations at Netscape.
0 client includes the Netscape Netcaster component, the first 'push' software based on open Internet standards such as HTML, Java and JavaScript, allowing virtually any Web site to become a "channel" by delivering up-to-date information directly to the desktop.
In just 90 days, brand-name content providers have already embraced Netscape Netcaster and have begun creating compelling new Netcaster channels," said Bob Lisbonne, vice president of client product marketing at Netscape.
Developing for Netscape Netcaster reflects our continuing efforts to connect Web users to InterZine's family of online properties.
Netscape Netcaster enables push delivery of information and offline browsing of dynamic Web content.
Additionally, TORSO's technological expertise will accelerate the integration of Wayfarer's server based push solutions with Microsoft CDF and Netscape Netcaster push technologies.
Together, Mission Control, AutoAdmin, and the Marimba Castanet technology included in Netscape Netcaster, comprise a complete solution for enterprise software installation, distribution, and administration.
Finder; More than Ten Netscape Netcaster Channels Now Live on the

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