World Wide Web

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World Wide Web

All resources and users on the Internet that use HTTP protocols.

World Wide Web

See the Web.

Patient discussion about World Wide Web

Q. Is surfing the internet good for your brain? I am 72 and I just discovered computers and the internet at our library. I find myself fascinated by it and I spend hours in front of the computer. Is surfing the internet good for your brain?

A. This is a very current question that people ask and the answer is YES it is. A recent study showed that adults who surf the internet regularly engage larger parts of their brain when doing so compared to adults who rarely surf.

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Travel Interactively With Alicia" began on August 5, when journalist and photographer Alicia Dunams begins the first leg of her six month, around-the-world trip, guiding Net surfers on a journey through ten Asian and European countries.
Home Net surfers have shifted dramatically this year to direct access Internet services from proprietary on-line services such as CompuServe and Prodigy, according to a new study by a San Francisco research firm.
estimates that 39% of the nation's 81 million net surfers also utilize paging services to stay connected and 55% of the nation's surfers have wireless phones.
NET surfers can check out a cool new website called www.
Net surfers, wanting to visit the website of a V3 member via their personalized URL, are automatically redirected to the respective site with speed and ease.
Every week Net surfers can speak to Paul on-line and once a month they can tune in to a live gig from anywhere in the world.
VIRTUAL VISITS: The Internet offers many sources of information on national parks, monuments and hiking trails, and net surfers with fast connections can even get virtual tours.
to Aid Net Surfers in Making a Mix CD of the Decade's Best Music --
Mermaid mania might sound a bit fishy but it has hooked plenty of Net surfers and there is a shoal of sites to check out.
Software such as Netscape has a selection known as ``What's Cool,'' a listing of the latest Web sites frequently checked by Net surfers.