A., German chemist, 1827-1905. See: Nessler reagent.
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1905: Charles Nessler first used a permanent waving machine on a woman's hair.
As Tartt and his team plans for their third annual Oxford extravaganza this fall, it's obvious that it will be a tall order to top the last one, which introduced Oxford culture to party guests that included such notable names as former Texas Governor Rick Perry, menswear designer Sid Mashburn, sportscaster Brad Nessler, and CNBC market analyst Peter Costa.
Nessler, born 1872 in Todtnau, emigrated in 1918 to the US where he died in 1951; cf en.
The measurement of ammonium (NH +) content was performed using Nessler reagent (Molins-Legua et al.
The Pats host the Jets at 8:25 tonight with Mayock analyzing the game alongside Brad Nessler on the NFL Network.
What did German Karl Ludwig Nessler invent in 1906?
Pete Nessler, CEO of FCStone, LLC said, "We have been working with ECOS for more than 15 years, and incorporating their business into INTL FCStone provides our customers with a set of services for which we have been relying on outside resources.
The association between age and the processing of executive functions (EF) has been discussed in the literature (Friedman, Nessler, & Cycowicz, 2009; Friedman, Nessler, Johson, Ritter, & Bersick, 2007; Salthouse, 2009).
For estimation of Ammonia and urease activity, Colorimetric method and Nessler, s reagent was used, respectively (Massmann, 1962).
Fachinii and colleagues and El-Ahmady and Nessler has been studied the TYDC gene family with Gus gene expression to determine the gene family pathway in opium poppy.