geniculate neuralgia

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pain in a nerve or along the course of one or more nerves, usually consisting of a sharp, spasmlike pain that may recur at intervals. It is caused by inflammation of or injury to a nerve or group of nerves. Inflammation of a nerve, or neuritis, may affect different parts of the body, depending upon the location of the nerve. Two common types of neuralgia are that of the trigeminal nerve (see tic douloureux) and that of the sciatic nerve (see sciatica). adj., adj neural´gic.
neuralgia facia´lis ve´ra Ramsay Hunt syndrome.
Fothergill's neuralgia tic douloureux (trigeminal neuralgia).
geniculate neuralgia Ramsay Hunt syndrome.
glossopharyngeal neuralgia that affecting the petrosal and jugular ganglion of the glossopharyngeal nerve, marked by severe paroxysmal pain originating on the side of the throat and extending to the ear.
Hunt's neuralgia Ramsay Hunt syndrome.
idiopathic neuralgia neuralgia of unknown etiology, not accompanied by any structural change.
intercostal neuralgia neuralgia of the intercostal nerves, causing pain in the side.
mammary neuralgia neuralgic pain in the breast.
Morton's neuralgia tenderness or pain in the metatarsal area of the foot and in the third and fourth toes caused by pressure on a neuroma of the branch of the medial plantar nerve supplying these toes. The neuroma is produced by chronic compression of the nerve between the metatarsal heads. Called also Morton's foot or toe.
The pain of Morton's neuralgia is frequently made worse with prolonged standing or walking. From Waldman, 2002.
nasociliary neuralgia pain in the eyes, brow, and root of the nose.
postherpetic neuralgia persistent burning pain and tingling along the distribution of a cutaneous nerve following an attack of herpes zoster.
trifacial neuralgia (trigeminal neuralgia) tic douloureux.
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ge·nic·u·late neu·ral·gi·a

a severe paroxysmal lancinating pain deep in the ear, on the anterior wall of the external meatus, and on a small area just in front of the pinna.
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ge·nic·u·late neu·ral·gi·a

(jĕ-nikyū-lāt nūr-aljē-ă)
A severe paroxysmal lancinating pain deep in the ear, on the anterior wall of the external meatus, and on a small area just in front of the pinna.
Synonym(s): Hunt neuralgia, neuralgia facialis vera.
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James Ramsay, U.S. neurologist, 1872-1937.
Hunt atrophy - obsolete term for atrophy of the small muscles of the hand, without sensory disturbances.
Hunt neuralgia - a severe paroxysmal lancinating pain deep in the ear. Synonym(s): geniculate neuralgia
Hunt paradoxical phenomenon - in torsion dystonia, extension of the foot in response to passive flexion and flexion in response to attempted passive extension.
Hunt syndrome - (1) an intention tremor beginning in one extremity and subsequently involving other parts of the body. Synonym(s): progressive cerebellar tremor; - (2) facial paralysis, otalgia, and herpes zoster resulting from viral infection of the seventh cranial nerve and geniculate ganglion. Synonym(s): herpes zoster oticus; - (3) a form of juvenile paralysis agitans associated with primary atrophy of the pallidal system. Synonym(s): paleostriatal syndrome; pallidal syndrome; Ramsay Hunt syndrome
Ramsay Hunt syndrome - Synonym(s): Hunt syndrome
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ge·nic·u·late neu·ral·gi·a

(jĕ-nikyū-lăt nūr-aljē-ă)
Severe paroxysmal lancinating pain deep in the ear, on the anterior wall of the external meatus.
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Nervus intermedius neuralgia should be considered as a differential diagnosis if a patient presents with paroxysmal localized pain in the ears.
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