nerve fascicle

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nerve fas·ci·cle

a bundle of nerve fibers surrounded by perineurium.
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Therefore, the ability of the operator to detect placement of the needle in either a blood vessel or a poorly compliant structure such as a nerve fascicle will be reduced.
The microelectrode array employed in this work contains a total of 100 electrodes which, when implanted, become distributed within the nerve fascicle.
13) In both studies none of the patients displayed any sequelae from sacrificing an ulnar nerve fascicle as a donor.
Histologic examination of a cross section of the affected nerve shows irregularly enlarged, hypercellular nerve fascicle (Figure 7, B) containing spindled perineurial cells arranged in pseudo-onion bulb-like whorls around one or more centrally situated Schwann cell and axons in varying stages of degeneration (Figures 7, C, and 8, A).
It can be external or internal, during which individual nerve fascicles are dissected.
They are often asymptomatic initially, but they may eventually cause pain, weakness, and numbness as they grow because of compression of the underlying nerve fascicles.
the "popliteus sign"; and the "signet ring sign," which refers to eccentric displacement of the tibial nerve fascicles by intraneural cyst.
2,4,5) Schwannomas, on the other hand, can be separated surgically from the nerve fascicles avoiding neurologic deficits.
Also highlighted are the functionally significant nerve fascicles for the selective ankle-joint movement sought in this study.
Patient 36 presented with ropelike nerve enlargement (Figure 3, F) and initial biopsies showed only individual cells (Figure 3, G) infiltrating between S100-positive nerve fascicles.
Schwannomas grow extrinsic to their parent nerve fascicles, while neurofibromas intertwine within their nerve fascicles of origin.
We traced nerve fascicles from branches of human femoral nerves to create fascicle maps.