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Vincenzo, early 20th-century Italian neurologist. See: Néri sign.
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Remains of the last two species are confined to the uppermost portion of the section in the beds of the Neris Formation (lowermost Ludlow) near the boundary of the Sirvinta Formation, at a depth of 609.
Further the border runs along the Nemunas as far as its confluence with the Neris, then along the Neris up to its turn east, just before Jonava and then in north-east direction until the border with Semigalle, more to the east from Panemunis (that is more to east from Rokiskis and Obeliai).
7% of the total pointsource load) enters to the Neris river, subcatchment #2 and emanates from the Lithuanian capital Vilnius with 554 thousand inhabitants and from the industrial city Jonava (51.
The capital of Lithuania Vilnius located at the confluence of the Neris and the Vilnele is under similar conditions.
You can hire bikes or even steer a canoe or raft into the capital along the River Neris.
Claims: Writers Neris and India weighed 31stone between them before they started their diet.
court sends a strong message to the Salvadoran military that they will not get away with their crimes," said Neris Gonzalez, one of the plaintiffs.
The largest ravine that caused damage was formed on the left bank of the Neris River in Antakalnis ward, perpendicular to P.
A mass of clouds pour their silver hue upon the waters of Neris.
The three plaintiffs--Juan Romagoza Arce, Carlos Mauricio, and Neris Gonzalez--began presenting their civil lawsuit before the Florida jury in late June.
Some 200 cherry trees will be planted along a stretch measuring roughly 1 kilometer along the Neris River in Vilnius.
This project shows people how everything is related to everything else," said Neris Lopez, co-founder of EcoVida, a neighborhood-based organization devoted to ecology and environmental education that's spearheading the project.