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Vincenzo, early 20th-century Italian neurologist. See: Néri sign.
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She added that she has already been deferring to Neri over the last couple of months.
Esta documentado en las cronicas de esa epoca, de hace 9 anos, del movimiento magisterial de 2006, donde dio refugio a militantes de esa organizacion, el papel que Martinez Neri jugo como rector de la Universidad, de los movimiento de 2006, de la Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca.
Previously, Neri spent eight years at Ipsos, where he founded and led Ipsos Loyalty US, and Ipsos Insight Financial Services, Industry & Technology.
There is also a possibility that Del Neri is still getting to know his best team after making 17 new signings this summer - eight permanent and nine on loan.
After failing to tempt Benitez away from Anfield, Juventus are expected to announce Del Neri as their new manager this week together with Sampdoria sporting director Giuseppe Marotta.
One day, when Eileen was going home for lunch, Neri opened his window and shouted: "Liver and onions for dinner?
By March, we will be printing two million IDs," said Neri.
Manuel Neri is a master of this particular medium of artistic expression and in "Manuel Neri: The Figure In Relief" by Bruce Nixon (an independent scholar and former editor-in-chief of 'Artweek', a monthly art newspaper based in California) has compiled and provides captioning and commentary for a colorful survey of the relief sculptures and related drawings of this complex sculptor, drawn from more than twenty-five years of work beginning with his earliest figures created in the 1950s and 1960s.
BIRMINGHAM battling babe Neri Pearson couldn't have made a more dramatic entry into the world.
In Mars Black (all works 2005), the most tenebrous of all these pictures and named for the black pigment Neri uses, the neat circles scattered in other works become a grid of small, uneven dots that together evoke an apartment or office building at night.
Philip Neri Catholic Church, as the couple's refugee claim makes its way through the system.
Italian artist Giancarlo Neri constructed the 9 meter (30 foot)-high sculpture--called "The Writer"--with six tons of steel, 1,000 pounds of wood, 200 gallons of paint, and hundreds of nuts and bolts.