Nephrotic syndromes

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Nephrotic syndromes

A collection of symptoms that result from damage to the filtering units of the kidney (glomeruli) causing severe loss of protein from the blood into the urine.

Patient discussion about Nephrotic syndromes

Q. Q. I want to know about urine protein creatine ratio in diagnosing nephrotic syndrome. Please explain interms of unit such as mg/mg or mmol/mg. Normal range, nephrotic range with good referrence.

A. Nephrotic syndrome is defines as a damage to the kidneys, in which there is a leak of large amounts of protein (over 3.5 grams of protein / 24 hours urine output) from the blood to the urine. Protein loss causes low protein count in the blood (hypoalbuminemia) and edemas (excess fluid in the interstitial cavity which is between the cells, causes leg swelling most often, and also in the adbomen and around the eyes).

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