Urogynecology A nonsurgical treatment for urinary incontinence–stress, urge, or mixed–related to pelvic-floor muscle weakness in ♀, based on ExMI–extracorporeal magnetic innervation technology, directing magnetic pulses toward pelvic floor muscles, evoking contractions with each pulse, analogous to Kegel exercises. See Urinary incontinence.
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NEOCONTROL therapy is administered in a doctor's office or clinic.
Recent data from these studies indicate that of the 48 women who have completed eight weeks of NEOCONTROL therapy, 52 percent reported being "completely dry" and 83 per cent reported "significant improvement" in their condition.
When asked to evaluate their quality of life as it relates to two factors -- pad changes per day and episodes of leakage per day -- patients indicated a significant improvement following the NEOCONTROL treatment.
NeoControl was developed to treat the most common cause of urinary incontinence, loss of pelvic floor muscle strength, and has been used in more than 200 urology and obstetrics/gynecology practices throughout the United States and 12 other countries.