Nematodirella longispiculata

Nem·a·to·di·rel·la lon·gi·spi·cu·la·ta

(nē'mă-tō-di-rel'ă lon'gi-spik'yū-lā'tă),
One of the thread-necked trichostrongyle nematodes in the small intestine of sheep, goats, reindeer, moose, musk oxen, and proghorn antelope.


a genus of worms in the trichostrongyloid family Molineidae.

Nematodirella cameli
found in camel and reindeer.
Nematodirella dromedarii
found in dromedary and sheep.
Nematodirella longispiculata
found in the small intestine of sheep, goats and other ruminants.
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