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Don H., 20th-century U.S. internist. See: Nelson syndrome, Nelson tumor.
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But who was I to lead the way outside when great Nelson chose to lean against the bar?
First of all, I was very proud to be in the company of Nelson, who was the most heroic figure among the oyster pirates and bay adventurers.
So we continued to talk at the bar, and to drink beer ordered and paid for by Nelson. I think, now, when I look back upon it, that Nelson was curious.
I said good-bye to Nelson, and went on down the wharf.
We may well quote on this day the words written of Nelson, in the decline of a well-spent life, by Sir T.
"Nelson's nobleness of mind was a prominent and beautiful part of his character.
The dashing young frigate captain, the man who in middle age was nothing loth to give chase single-handed in his seventy-four to a whole fleet, the man of enterprise and consummate judgment, the old Admiral of the Fleet, the good and trusted servant of his country under two kings and a queen, had felt correctly Nelson's influence, and expressed himself with precision out of the fulness of his seaman's heart.
A year later they were in Colorado, where Hans Nelson saw his first mining and caught the mining-fever himself.
Edith Nelson met the unexpected at every turn of the trail, and she trained her vision so that she saw in the landscape, not the obvious, but the concealed.
The gold-seeking tide was flooding northward into Alaska, and it was inevitable that Hans Nelson and his wife should he caught up by the stream and swept toward the Klondike.
During the busy years at Greta Hall he wrote about a hundred books, several of them biographies--among them a life of Nelson, which is one of the best short lives ever written.
Thomas Nelson Page, who was one of the number, moved that I be made secretary of that division, and the motion was unanimously adopted.