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Don H., 20th-century U.S. internist. See: Nelson syndrome, Nelson tumor.
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Unfortunately for my stomach and mucous membranes, Nelson had a strange quirk of nature that made him find happiness in treating me to beer.
I think, now, when I look back upon it, that Nelson was curious.
I said good-bye to Nelson, and went on down the wharf.
Why, Nelson had just spent sixty cents on beer for the two of us.
I retraced my steps up the wharf to the Last Chance, where Nelson still stood outside.
I had to go aboard to get some money," I remarked casually, as we drank, in the hope Nelson would take it as an explanation of why I had let him treat six consecutive times.
Edith Nelson met the unexpected at every turn of the trail, and she trained her vision so that she saw in the landscape, not the obvious, but the concealed.
The gold-seeking tide was flooding northward into Alaska, and it was inevitable that Hans Nelson and his wife should he caught up by the stream and swept toward the Klondike.
In that Edith Nelson undertook to cook for the outfit, a man's share was to be her portion.
Now that the mining had ceased, Edith Nelson turned over the fire-building and the dish-washing to the men, while she darned their socks and mended their clothes.
Hans Nelson was stolid and easy- going, while Edith had long before won his unbounded admiration by her capacity for getting on with people.
Thomas Nelson Page, who was one of the number, moved that I be made secretary of that division, and the motion was unanimously adopted.