Nelaton catheter

Né·la·ton cath·e·ter

a flexible catheter of red rubber.
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Né·la·ton cath·e·ter

(nā-lah-ton[h]' kath'ĕ-tĕr)
A flexible catheter of red rubber.
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Auguste, French surgeon, 1807-1873.
Nélaton bullet probe
Nélaton catheter
Nélaton dislocation - wedging of the astragalus between the widely separated tibia and fibula, usually complicated with fracture.
Nélaton drain
Nélaton fibers - Synonym(s): Nélaton sphincter
Nélaton fold
Nélaton line - a line drawn from the anterior superior iliac spine to the tuberosity of the ischium. Synonym(s): Roser-Nélaton line
Nélaton operation
Nélaton sphincter - the middle rectal fold. Synonym(s): Nélaton fibers
Nélaton syndrome - hereditary neuropathy. Synonym(s): Denny-Brown syndrome
Roser-Nélaton line - Synonym(s): Nélaton line
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Patients were informed in detail of the possible risks and advantages of the 2 procedures (placement of a segment of a Nelaton catheter as a stent in CBD or T-tube drainage).
After the first voiding, a Nelaton catheter was passed into the bladder through the urethra, and then, the volume of urine collected was measured by using a graduated cylinder.
The patient was catheterised immediately with a 16F nelaton catheter and 3 000 mL clear urine was drained.
(1) In 1984, Auguste Nelaton invented the first vulcanized rubber catheter for urethral dilatation, now known as the Nelaton catheter. (1) Maisonneuve (1854) and Otis (1872) developed the urethrotome to cut the strictured part of the urethra.
In intervention group, patients controlled for ability to void every 4 hours after surgery and if the patient could not void, Nelaton catheter used every 4 hours upto 2 times.