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Nelaton, the Tuileries surgeon, demanded a safe conduct, in the name of science, into the besieged city in order to attend my wounds.
Braun has developed Urimed Cath Foley Nelaton, a sterile two-way silicone urinary catheter considered for indwelling catheterization of the urinary bladder.
VUR olusturulduktan 10 gun sonra tavsanlarin mesanesine uretral yoldan 6 French nelaton kateter yerlestirilip, mesanedeki idrar bosaltilmis ve opak madde tavsan mesanesine verilip, skopi altinda mesane dolumu ve reflu olusumu belirlenmistir (22).
Se introdujo zonda nelaton y se realizo lavado de la cavidad con 2 L de SSN tibia hasta obtener liquido claro.
A 16 or 18 Fr Nelaton catheter helped to identify the distal margin of the stricture.
Patients were informed in detail of the possible risks and advantages of the 2 procedures (placement of a segment of a Nelaton catheter as a stent in CBD or T-tube drainage).
After the first voiding, a Nelaton catheter was passed into the bladder through the urethra, and then, the volume of urine collected was measured by using a graduated cylinder.
After surgery 14 French size, Nelaton tube was inserted bilaterally and stitched anteriorly with sutures (Fig.2).