Neisseria flavescens

Neis·se·ri·a fla·ves·'cens

a bacterial species found in cerebrospinal fluid in cases of meningitis; probably occurs in the mucous membranes of the human respiratory tract.


Albert Ludwig S., German physician, 1855-1916.
Neisseria catarrhalis
Neisseria flavescens
Neisseria gonorrhoeae - a species that causes gonorrhea in humans. Synonym(s): Neisser coccus
Neisseria lactamica
Neisseria meningitidis
Neisseria sicca
Neisseria subflava
Neisseria - a genus of aerobic to facultatively anaerobic bacteria (family Neisseriaceae) that are parasites of animals.
Neisseria mucosa
Neisser coccus - Synonym(s): Neisseria gonorrhoeae
Neisser diplococcus
Neisser syringe - a urethral syringe used in treatment of gonococcal urethritis.
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Recruitment of a penicillin-binding protein gene from Neisseria flavescens during the emergence of penicillin resistance in Neisseria meningitidis.