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Adelchi, Italian physician, 1876-1912. See: Negri bodies, Negri corpuscles.
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Morelos has become one of the most lethal debut marksmen at Ibrox since Negri arrived from Perugia in the summer of 1997 and grabbed an astonishing 23 goals in his first 10 league games.
Negri scored 11 goals in his first 11 games in total, three more than Morelos, whose record compares favourably over a similar number of games with Kris Boyd (8), Shota Arveladze (7) and Michael Mols (9).
Caption: Left, Adelchi Negri 1876-1912, right: Neuron showing a cytoplasmic inclusion body (Negri body, arrow).
The site in Rugby will open its doors on 18t h and 19th May 2016 for an Open House event that will see it exhibit the latest models in Negri Bossi's E05 and Canbio 5T ranges.
Negri Bossi Group manufactures injection molding machines and Cartesian robots.
Negri, who founded Negri Electronics in 2006, will remain actively involved in the company as a member of the board of directors.
Chapter one, "Fisionomia del personaggio poetante," offers an introduction to Negri and overviews the reception by critics and the public of her first poetic volume, Fatalita (1892), which brought the poet an immediate and clamorous success.
To test very young corals under realistic conditions, Negri and his colleagues focused on moderate winds greater than 11 knots (12.
La obra de Negri cobra vital importancia en la actualidad, los postulados que se plantean parecen llevar a un punto de no retorno, sobre todo cuando los Estados pierden autonomia frente al capital; la globalizacion economica implica la ruptura del orden.
recently named Cynthia Negri as its new senior vice president of retail lending.
Le congratulazioni per il secondo volume adanegriano di liriche, Tempeste, edito a Milano da Treves nel 1895, letto dal poeta--poi--futurista nell'edizione del '96 e il rattristato commento alla notizia della morte di Filippo Tommaso Marinetti (1944) aprono e chiudono il lungo carteggio che Ada Negri (Lodi, 1870--Milano, 1945) intesse con Paolo Buzzi (Milano, 1874--Milano, 1956) in mezzo secolo di sincera amicizia e di vita letteraria condivisa.
Most accounts of Negri focus on Empire: this differs in providing a collection of essays offering readers a fuller picture of Negri's thoughts, using all his works and discussing the great texts of philosophy in their context.