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Adelchi, Italian physician, 1876-1912. See: Negri bodies, Negri corpuscles.
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Negri allegedly was the brains behind the terrorist Red Brigades that abducted and killed Moro and was even identified as the source of a taunting phone call to Moro's wife.
Hence Empire is not coterminous with the United States, though Hardt and Negri clearly believe that the U.
And he gave a clear indication at the same time as he wrote off that pair that his patience had snapped with Negri.
That handed Scott Wilson his chance to impress alongside Craig Moore in central defence while Miller led the front-line with Negri.
If Negri can prove he's 100 per cent fit he will be a great addition to the squad.
From Busino's account the main masque dance was based on geometric figures, and the dances he named for the revels, the passamezzo, corrente, canario, and spagnoletta are all found in the Italian manuals of Caroso and Negri.
Negri, who is a CPA and co-author of two books on equipment leasing, will market similar services to health care providers and medical equipment vendors.
Attendees will have the unique opportunity to interact with Negri, view his pieces and experience his art and insights firsthand.
So when Negri picks up his phone in Bologna and speaks with enthusiasm and exuberance, in perfect English, about his time in Glasgow the listener is a little taken aback.
Negri Bossi sees the acquisition of Sytrama as giving it an in-house capability for the supply of complete manufacturing cells.
But with the Ibrox club's medical staff unable to find the cause of the problem, Negri feared his career could be over.
Boss Dick Advocaat is set to hand Negri a place in the Ibrox club's Champions League adventure but only if the Italian goal grabber can prove he is back to full fitness.