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v to deal or bargain with another or others to bring about an agreement or settlement.
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Christodoulides said that the negotiators would also meeton Tuesdayin the presence of the working committee on EU issues, and on Fridayto take stock and for further planning.
on her appointment as Serbia s Chief Negotiator for the accession of Serbia to the EU.
Swap Negotiators acts as an intermediary between borrowers and their banks on all types of swap transactions including executing, modifying, unwinding, and assigning.
The MILF central committee held an emergency meeting but has not yet given its response to its negotiators, he said.
On the high seas, negotiators tried to facilitate the safe retrieval of a ship captain after he was captured by Somali pirates.
Negotiators have spoken to the media nearly every day and, on at least one occasion, said a deal had been struck when it had not.
His goal is for LAUSD and UTLA negotiators to come up with a plan to dismantle the bureaucracy.
European and US negotiators were unable to reach a deal to replace current arrangements before they expired last Saturday regarding the supply of personal records .
Police negotiators and the marine division were called to the scene along with the Blyth Lifeboat shortly after 4pm on Wednesday.
Every decision we make as negotiators goes through a chain of command.
If the Peruvian trade negotiators and politicians in Congress get their way, discussions on intellectual property rights would move beyond guaranteeing protection of music, books or software.
For over 4 days, the subject repeatedly demanded, threatened, and attempted to manipulate negotiators into bringing his girlfriend to the location.