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There were two episodes with significant movements in survey responses, that is, introduction of euro area banknotes and coins in 2002 (worsening of opinions on inflation perception and improvement of opinions on expected inflation) (9) and the recent financial crisis, leading to a negative inflation, especially in Ireland.
The results may then show negative inflation for some lower-income groups as well.
The impact of negative inflation on results was also offset with the Bank's proactive management of the asset and funding mix.
inflation rate has come down to a nicer level of around 2 percent, but the Japanese are at a negative inflation rate--deflation.
A deflation is a decline in the level of prices, that is, a negative inflation rate.
This has also offset the impact of negative inflation rates during the first half of 2009 (1H09) that affected the yield on the bank's inflation-indexed (unidad de fomento, or CLF) assets.
Despite another year of low to negative inflation rates in Switzerland, Swiss workers continue to see real-term pay increases in 2015 averaging at 1.
The eurozone has only endured negative inflation rates in one other period, from June to October 2009.
Cyprus and Greece are the only countries in the Eurozone, which recorded a negative inflation in November.
9 percent higher than a year ago, the second straight month of year-on-year price growth after nearly a year of negative inflation.
At a time of recession and of negative inflation, it has even failed to reduce its fares.
2 percent with anticipated negative inflation rates in the remaining months of this year," says the National Bank's August report.