negative balance

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an instrument for weighing.
equilibrium (def. 1).
acid-base balance see acid-base balance.
analytical balance a balance used in the laboratory, sensitive to variations of the order of 0.05 to 0.1 mg.
fluid balance see fluid balance.
negative balance a state in which the amount of water or an electrolyte excreted from the body is greater than that ingested.
nitrogen balance see nitrogen balance.
positive balance a state in which the amount of water or an electrolyte excreted from the body is less than that ingested.
water balance fluid balance.
zero balance a state in which the amount of water or an electrolyte excreted from the body is exactly equal to that ingested; see equilibrium (def. 1).
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The Bank of Lithuania published the balance of payments data for February 2019, which shows that the build-up of the 92.5 million deficit on the current account balance was driven by the negative balances of foreign trade and primary income, which were not offset by the positive balances of services and secondary income.
She said it's not widely known but many Austin residents regularly contact the school to offer to pay for negative balances in the food program, the article stated.
They have been left with negative balances on their payslips.
Negative balances can occur if privileged swaps included in a programme result in net negative cash flows.
In addition to taking cash from teller drawers, Linton also allowed two members to have negative balances. One of them was a U.S.
A Freedom of Information request has revealed that by the end of last year these negative balances amounted to about PS28,800.
For at least an hour and twenty minutes, most banks and non-banks liquidity providers (LPs) were unable to honour trades with their retail FX brokers and in turn retail FX brokers could not fill orders of their retail trading clients resulting in negative balances in retail trading clients' respective accounts.
In 2010 the balance-of-payments current account posted a deficit of EUR 5,158 million, 5.0 percent higher than in 2009, due to the increase year on year in income and services negative balances and the drop in current transfers surplus.
They found that over a 25-year period, only a small proportion of workers (5%-7%) end their working life with negative balances, and concluded that the UISA system is a viable alternative to the standard UI system.
These include need for enhanced sustainment training and improvements to the processes concerning End of Month variances and negative balances. Quick overviews in each of these areas follow.
Those expecting an improvement in the next four months outnumbered those expecting a decline by eight per cent, reversing negative balances of 17 per cent in April and a crushing 51 per cent in January.
"But when I see that the three PCTs in Liverpool are inheriting the deficit left behind by Liverpool health authority and will be required to live within a balanced budget I am beginning to wonder exactly how we are going to see any great improvements." Dr Mohammad Salahuddin, chairman of Wirral local medical committee, agreed, saying: "Given that they are starting with negative balances and will have to cope with deficits, I can't see where the growth is going to come from."