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According to the council, Cyprus is among the countries with the lowest provision of needle exchange programmes in Europe and this puts drug users at high risk, as shared needles and syringes greatly increase the chances of spreading AIDS.
Needle exchange programmes are an integral part of the drug treatment system in Nottingham City.
There are three needle exchange programmes operating in the small ward and residents claim streets, play areas and parks are littered with used needles from the exchanges centres.
He said: "We are not against the local needle exchange programme but we want better co-operation between the council and the NHS over who will do the clean-up.
Steroid use is a significant problem in parts of Wales among bodybuilders and pharmacists and drugs workers have also reported seeing more steroid users accessing needle exchange programmes.
The city is credited with being the birthplace of needle exchange programmes and is hosting the International Harm Reduction Association's 21st international conference at the Echo Arena and BT Convention Centre.
Do needle exchange programmes increase the spread of HIV among injection drug users?
At a meeting in Moscow on Wednesday, Aids specialists called for needle exchange programmes and heroin substitutes, such as methadone, to be introduced in an effort to stem a fast-growing HIV epidemic.
There are needle exchange programmes in all countries except Cyprus and the incidence of drug-injecting-related AIDS cases is declining.
Effectiveness of needle exchange programmes for prevention of HIV infection, Lancet 1997;349:1797-1800.
There are dozens of needle exchange programmes out there where drug addicts can get fresh needles if they need them.
Although supporting needle exchange programmes in principle, they insisted this was not the place for the machine.