cervical collar

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a type of orthosis worn around the neck for support and stabilization. See also cervical orthosis.
cervical collar cervical orthosis.
Chandler collar a neck brace made of soft felt.
four poster collar a rigid brace with four upright rods to support the neck and reduce motion; it has chin and occipital supports.
Philadelphia collar a rigid, adjustable neck brace.
Philadelphia collar. From Dorland's, 2000.
An encircling erythematous rash affecting the 2nd and 3rd cervical nerve roots of the trigeminal nerve in reactivated varicella-zoster

cer·vi·cal col·lar

(sĕr'vi-kăl kol'ăr)
Splinting device used to stabilize the neck.

cer·vi·cal col·lar

(sĕr'vi-kăl kol'ăr)
Splinting device used to stabilize the neck.
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She had to wear a neckbrace and undergo physiotherapy and said a few years ago the injury still causes her discomfort.
Buick reportedly had movement in all his limbs and was conscious when loaded into an ambulance on a backboard, wearing a neckbrace, and taken to Northwest Community Hospital.
The playmaker later responded in style, limping to training, theatrically clad in bandages and a neckbrace.
Mr Davies said: "He arrived at the police station on crutches and later answered bail wearing a neckbrace and sitting in a wheelchair.
Mercifully, despite the neckbrace and oxygen bag over his mouth, Baker's diagnosis was one of mild concussion rather than anything more serious.
Phil Jones volleyed in a third but by then, Norwich were more concerned by the condition of Robert Snodgrass, taken off on a stretcher wearing a neckbrace, after a lengthy stoppage which followed a clash of heads.
One tattooed member sported an EDL neckbrace, complete with Cross of St George and 'no surrender' logo.
I almost didn't recognize her at first because she was wearing a foam neckbrace.
I was actually recovering from spinal surgery-still am--and took off my neckbrace and wrapped a scarf around my throat and had a filmmaker friend of mine tape me.
The neckbrace that helped legendary Manchester City goalkeeper Bert Trautmann recover from a broken neck after the 1956 FA Cup final is on display, and cabinets nearby show off Everton's first-ever European trophy, the Barcelona Cup, and a record struck to celebrate Liverpool's European triumphs of the 1980s.
D, Set In Stone and Neckbrace thrashed out their raucous brand of music at a benefit concert staged at Dempsey's Bar in Castle Street, Cardiff, for 21-year-old Nick Butcher last night.