Neck Contouring

A nonablative, nonsurgical method for tightening loose neck skin, while removing wrinkles, using a LYRA laser, which focuses energy at the superficial dermis. Generally, 6 monthly treatments are required, followed by once-yearly maintenance
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Specifically, it encompasses frontal augmentation, rhinoplasty, midface implants, lip procedures, inferior body osteotomy, rhytidectomy and neck contouring procedures.
| For all those people who think they've got a fat neck, neck contouring could be the answer.
Gentile (Northeastern Ohio College of Medicine) assembles 12 chapters for practitioners or residents in facial plastic surgery or otolaryngology, general plastic surgeons, and oral and maxillofacial surgeons on techniques in lower facial and neck contouring. A group of American surgeons and otolaryngologists discuss anatomy and physiology of the neck region, assessment of age-related changes and performing an evaluation of the aging neck, patient consultation, interpreting physical findings, technique selection, complications, and preoperative planning, with color photos and drawings accompanying descriptions of different problems and surgical and nonsurgical approaches such as direct-excision, laser sculpting, liposculpture, and mixed-plane rhytidectomy.