near point of convergence

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near point of con·ver·gence

the point to which the visual lines are directed when convergence is at its maximum.
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It is feasible to include the following basic tests during a routine sight test: measurement of heterophoria, fixation disparity, near point of convergence, and amplitudes of accommodation.
Clinical signs of CI typically include exophoria that is greater at near than at distance, a receded near point of convergence measurement, and reduced positive fusional vergence at near measurement.
Abbreviations: A = prism diopter, ADL = activity of daily living, BI = base-in, BO = base-out, CI = convergence insufficiency, CISS = Convergence Insufficiency Symptom Survey, LED = light-emitting diode, mTBI = mild traumatic brain injury, NFV = negative fusional vergence, NPC = near point of convergence, OMT = oculomotor training, OR = oculomotor rehabilitation, P = placebo, PFV = positive fusional vergence, PRII = Power Refractor II, SEM = standard error of mean, SS = steady-state, SUNY = State University of New York, TBI = traumatic brain injury, VSAT = Visual Search and Attention Test.
Cuff, "The significance of assessing near point of convergence using different stimuli," Optometry & Vision Science, vol.
BV = binocular vision, EOM = extraocular motility, mTBI = mild traumatic brain injury, NPC = near point of convergence. Table 4.
These components of the examination were stereo acuity as measured by random dot stereograms (RDSs) using the Randot stereotest, near point of convergence (NPC), ocular alignment at distance and at near determined by cover test, distance phoria (lateral and vertical) and gradient accommodative convergence/accommodation ratio using the von Graefe technique, and the amplitude of accommodation (AOA) measured by phorometry using the minus lens to blur method.
The near point of convergence (NPC) is a simple test to determine the nearest point at which binocular single vision can be maintained; this can be done using an RAF rule, similar to measuring the amplitude of accommodation, or using a budgie stick with the patient being asked to focus on either a line or a single letter.
Convergence dysfunction was defined by patients' near point of convergence (NPC) amplitude.