Aleutian Islands

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Aleutian Islands,

chain of islands in the North Pacific Ocean.
Aleutian disease - plasma cell disorder of minks with characteristics similar to multiple myeloma.
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Despite previous surveys that documented widespread distribution of ninespine stickleback in marine waters of the Aleutians (Wilimovsky, 1964), freshwater lake and stream collections of ninespine stickleback were obtained only in the Near Islands group.
Attu Island, Alaska (173[degrees]11'E, 52[degrees]50' N) is in the Near Island group of the Aleutians.
Fish and Wildlife Service's Alaska Marine Mammals Management Office in Anchorage, monitoring sea otters (Enhydra lutris) and other marine mammals around the Near Islands and other Aleutian Islands might not be possible without support from the Alaska Maritime Refuge's research vessel, the M/V Tiglax (pronounced (TEKH-lah--the Unangan or Aleut word for eagle).
Visitors were especially prevalent on small and medium near islands [a cumulative total of 56 records of visitors vs.
warship patrols near islands built by China in disputed sea appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Rip tides are sometimes found near islands in Abu Dhabi where the land is high.
euryops recorded here provide additional Gulf of Alaska specimens and extend the range 1519 km from Unimak Pass to the Near Islands in the western Aleutian Islands.
Beijing: Japan scrambled fighter jets Thursday to head off a number of Chinese military planes near islands at the centre of a territorial dispute, Japanese media said.
The incident occurred in the East China Sea, near islands claimed by both countries.
The Aleutians comprise four main groups: Fox Islands, nearest to the mainland, including Unalaska, Unimak, Umnak and Akutan; Andreanof Islands, including Amlia, Atka, Adak, Kanaga and Tanaga; Rat Islands, including Amchitka and Kiska; and Near Islands, the smallest and westernmost group, including Agattu and Attu.
The demonstrators also protested a recent collision of Taiwanese and Japanese ships in waters near islands in the East China Sea claimed by China, Japan and Taiwan.
Japan: Japan scrambled fighter jets Saturday to head off a Chinese state-owned plane that flew near islands at the centre of a dispute between Tokyo and Beijing, a Japanese Defense Ministry spokesman said.