Aleutian Islands

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Aleutian Islands,

chain of islands in the North Pacific Ocean.
Aleutian disease - plasma cell disorder of minks with characteristics similar to multiple myeloma.
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Despite previous surveys that documented widespread distribution of ninespine stickleback in marine waters of the Aleutians (Wilimovsky, 1964), freshwater lake and stream collections of ninespine stickleback were obtained only in the Near Islands group.
It historically occurred only in the Near Island group (Agattu, Alaid, Attu, Nitski, and Shemya).
Four Chinese coastguard ships were Wednesday near islands at the centre of a major territorial dispute, Japan's coastguard said, the first time that agency's vessels have entered the fray.
Fish and Wildlife Service's Alaska Marine Mammals Management Office in Anchorage, monitoring sea otters (Enhydra lutris) and other marine mammals around the Near Islands and other Aleutian Islands might not be possible without support from the Alaska Maritime Refuge's research vessel, the M/V Tiglax (pronounced (TEKH-lah--the Unangan or Aleut word for eagle).
Distance to nearest Distance larger to landmass mainland Locality Area (ha) (km) (km) Small, far islands Colon 0.6(*) 1.8 4.2 Iguana 1.4(*) 1.9 4.5 Miedo 0.7(*) 2.6 3.2 Triangulo 2.3(*) 1.0 4.9 Small, near islands Bumeran 0.9(*) 0.1 1.5 Palizada 1.8(*) 0.4 0.4 Perimetro 1.7(*) 0.5 3.4 Rocas 0.6(*) 0.1 0.1 Medium islands Corral (near) 12.3(*) 0.2 0.2 Lomo (intermediate) 12.0(*) 0.5 2.2 Panorama (far) 11.1(*) 1.5 1.9 Large islands Danto Machado 23.1(**) 2.2(***) 2.2 Mainland Terra Firme 26.0(***) 0.0 0.0 * Area of island; entire island censused.
The government on Thursday rebuked China for sending a large number of fishing vessels near islands and islets occupied by the Philippines in the heavily disputed South China Sea, calling the presence of the boats 'illegal.'
The Philippines filed its ( case in 2013 over whether or not it could exploit waters near islands and reefs Manila claims in the South China Sea.
China's Foreign Ministry said the "relevant authorities" monitored, followed, and warned the USS Lassen as it "illegally" entered waters near islands and reefs in the Spratlys without the Chinese government's permission.
warship patrols near islands built by China in disputed sea appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
"Rip tides are sometimes found near islands in Abu Dhabi where the land is high." Rip tides are strong sea currents which are formed by the strong winds pushing water towards the shore.
Police Major General Taweeporn Churin said the bodies of six men and three women were found near islands in Ranong province on Monday, after their boat sank early on Saturday morning, AP reported.
euryops recorded here provide additional Gulf of Alaska specimens and extend the range 1519 km from Unimak Pass to the Near Islands in the western Aleutian Islands.