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1. Figuratively, a faint light.
2. Pertaining to faint or indistinct mental perception, as in twilight state.
[A.S. twi-, two]
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Site Male Elenchus Koebelei captured at known times Number Proportion GTM During astronomical twilight 0 0.00 During nautical twilight 42 0.21 During civil twilight 123 0.62 After sunrise 34 0.17 Total 199 1.00 WB During astronomical twilight 7 0.04 During nautical twilight 66 0.34 During civil twilight 77 0.40 After sunrise 42 0.22 Total 192 1.00 Please Note: Illustration(s) are not available due to copyright restrictions.
During nautical twilight, sailors can sight stars and still use them in reference to land masses.
First, there was at least about one hour of good visibility (sundown that day was at 1917 and end of civil twilight at 1945; plus, there would be some visibility during the nautical twilight) remaining after 1855 that would allow the enemy aircraft to operate against the Allied ships.
"We assume he means that as Odysseus set sail shortly after sunset, at nautical twilight the Pleiades and Bootes were simultaneously visible, and that Bootes would be the later-setting of the two", Magnasco explained.
There are definitions for "nautical twilight" and "astronomical twilight," as well.
(2013), in the Northern Hemisphere, ~80 % of the change of sunlight intensity takes place during the civil and nautical twilight timings.