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Walle J.H., U.S. neuroscientist, *1916. See: Nauta stain.
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Accurate information concerning the profession is fairly esoteric, even psychology majors are prone to erroneous beliefs (Nauta, 2000).
The fully fitted saloon, by Nauta Design, seats a full race crew while the two burner stove/ oven can cook for them as well.
Hosokawa Micron engineers developed a 1700 litre Vrieco Nauta conical blender that incorporates a cantilever screw and semi-domed cover to facilitate a full clean-in-place design to meet the demand for batch integrity.
When the youngster is kidnapped by psychotic Gianni (Alessandro Gassman) and his goons, including sex bomb Lola (Katie Nauta), Frank uses all his military training in a bid to rescue Jack and wreak revenge on the bad guys - after all, he had promised the young scamp he wouldn't let anyone hurt him.
But Gary Nauta, president of the district firefighter's union, called the staff interviews "a sham," charging that the committee did not speak to even one of the district's paid rank-and-file firefighters.
In one of the most recent investigations, Nauta, Saucier, and Woodard (2001) looked at differences in the interpersonal influences, especially the importance of role models, on career decision making between gay, lesbian, and bisexual (GLB) students and heterosexually oriented college students.
Sly use Nauta Design for the open plan interior design of their yachts to create an ultra modern saloon with a choice of lightened wood, oak-lined or lacquered finishes.
In the introduction, editors Lodi Nauta and Detlev Patzold cleverly anticipate the standard objections to a volume of this sort; they readily acknowledge the "protean character" (xi) of the imagination among thinkers of different traditions, and they indicate areas of study left out of the present volume.
But firefighters association president Gary Nauta said residents cannot afford to wait until next year.
Indeed, research has documented a relationship between role model influences and a variety of outcomes such as career salience, educational aspirations, and college major choices (Hackett, Esposito, & O'Halloran, 1989); perceived career information and career indecision (Nauta & Kokaly, 2001); and attitudes toward nontraditional careers (A.
Day Mark II Nauta vertical conical mixer/processor performs low-shear blending/dispersion and batch standardization for pigments, colorants, plastic pellets, etc.