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from Bad Nauheim, a German spa.
Nauheim bath - Synonym(s): Nauheim treatment
Nauheim treatment - treatment of certain cardiac affections by baths in water through which carbonic acid gas is bubbling, followed by resistance exercises. Synonym(s): Nauheim bath; Schott treatment
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Nauheim is active in research, lecturing and publishing papers on ophthalmology and is also a member of the teaching faculty at North Shore University Hospital and Nassau University Medical Center.
Nauheim is a Castle Connolly Top Doctor and Consumers' Research Council of America Top Ophthalmologist.
Bad Nauheim got off to a poor start in the '89-'90 season, both on the ice and at the box office.
Geleen, like Bad Nauheim, fell on financial hard times.
Nauheim is listed in the “Ophthalmology” section of the Castle Connolly guide.
Nauheim, chief of ophthalmology at South Nassau Communities Hospital, has received in as many months.
"Whether natural or artificial in origin, all of the tested fibers had serious disadvantages," says Felix Engel, Research Group Leader at the Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research in Bad Nauheim. "They were either too brittle, were attacked by the immune system or did not enable the heart muscle cells to adhere correctly to the fibers." However, the scientists have now found a possible solution in Kharagpur, India.