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We await the next round most eagerly, even if the fight (like the nature-nurture debate itself) is destined to end in a draw.
There's also a look at about the nature-nurture debate - how much of our pets' behaviour is part of their genetic make-up, and how much has been developed in response to their owners?
They outline a clinical model for assessment and treatment of language impairment; the factors of nature-nurture, cognitive development, gesture development, and hearing; comprehension, semantics, grammar, pragmatics, and phonology; speech sound disorders; literacy and language development; cultural competence; language impairments; and communication development in children with multiple disabilities.
Aalborg's approach is instructive because it attempts to fuse a kind of nature-nurture set of explanations making recourse to biological markers like stress levels in tandem with social norms.
They found that genetic and environmental contributions to these characteristics vary geographically in the United Kingdom, and published their results online as a series of nature-nurture maps.
The team has published their results online as a series of nature-nurture maps.
In this short study of the nature-nurture debate, Evelyn Fox Keller explores the persistent argument about the degree to which phenotypic characteristics of organisms are due to genetic causes and to environmental causes.
We heard of the nature-nurture battle between Evian and Pure Life, plus the bizarrely pivotal role of Formula 1 fossil Sir Jackie Stewart.
Throughout the book Linden engages in various topics of contemporary relevance such as: neural plasticity and nature-nurture interaction (Chapter 2), human memory (Chapter 5), sexual selection and cognitive differences between males and females (Chapter 6), religion and science (Chapter 8), and inadequate brain design (Chapter 9).
Harris, a journalist, seeks answers beyond the nature-nurture debate, which she views as insufficient for explaining the development of personality.
Gustav Holst is a fascinating example of the much wider nature-nurture debate.