Nature-Nurture Debate

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The ongoing polemic about whether differences in individual responses to one's environment and behaviours are due either to genetics—i.e., nature—or to environment—i.e., nurture—or, as many believe, bits of both
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We await the next round most eagerly, even if the fight (like the nature-nurture debate itself) is destined to end in a draw.
provides a compelling overview of her experience with the MISTRA and its scientific contributions to twin research and the nature-nurture debate.
In this short study of the nature-nurture debate, Evelyn Fox Keller explores the persistent argument about the degree to which phenotypic characteristics of organisms are due to genetic causes and to environmental causes.
This model helps to resolve the nature-nurture debate.
Harris, a journalist, seeks answers beyond the nature-nurture debate, which she views as insufficient for explaining the development of personality.
Gustav Holst is a fascinating example of the much wider nature-nurture debate.
In the interwar period, the nature-nurture debate had taken a decisive turn toward nurture.
In the longstanding nature-nurture debate, poststructuralists stake out a position that's basically off the scale: Not only is all human behavior an artifact of environment, "nature" itself is a wholly ideological construct, a mystifying abstraction invoked to justify the status quo or some inevitably retrograde social arrangement.
Chapter 3, "Cultivating the Mind," deals with the nature-nurture debate in terms of humanist culture and agriculture.
Like the nature-nurture debate, these theories generally support either a genetic or an environmental cause for criminal behavior.
And the Boston Globe announced that "geneticists now have ascendancy in the nature-nurture debate.
They show how psychology is embedded in particular sociohistorical contexts using a number of examples, among them IQ measurement, gender, ethics in psychology, parapsychology, and the nature-nurture debate.