natural history

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natural history

1. The study and description of organisms and natural objects, especially their origins, evolution, and interrelationships.
a. A collection of facts about the development of a natural process or entity: the natural history of tuberculosis.
b. A work or treatise containing such facts.
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Natural History

Herbal medicine
A 37-volume collection of works on plants written by Pliny (the Elder) of the Greek empire, which served as a source of information for herbalists until the 17th century.
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natural history (of disease)

The expected or predictable course of an untreated illness. The knowledge of the expected course of a disease is usually based on prior study of the effects of the illness on a large group of patients over time.
See: disease progression
See also: history
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Join the Macon County Master Naturalists for a family-friendly tour of Fairview Park to enjoy the festive autumn foliage and learn about the park's wide variety of trees.
Victorian lady naturalists, such as Mary Jane Hancock, were classed as 'hobbyists', their work considered as being a female pastime without scientific importance.
which celebrate present day naturalists, scientists and artists who have studied North East England's nature," said society director Clare Freeman.
Walking Home Ground also links the naturalists to one another.
The George Miksch Sutton Award in Conservation Research of the Southwestern Association of Naturalists recognizes an outstanding paper related to conservation published in The Southwestern Naturalist.
Synthetic naturalists do not face the contrast challenge, and they could try to use the causal connections between normative predicates and natural properties to meet the other two challenges.
This issue of The Victorian Naturalist is offered with this in mind.
The innovative Wenatchee Naturalist course, designed by instructor Susan Ballinger and administered by the WVC Continuing Education department, recently received an award at the 2016 Alliance of Natural Resource Outreach and Service Programs (ANROSP) national conference in September.
THE potential demise of Natur Cymru is a huge blow to nature conservation in Wales, writes Welsh naturalist Iolo Williams.
When UC ANR conservation biologist Adina Merenlender launched the California Naturalist program in 2012, she was looking to do more than just educate people.
Data collection included one-on-one interviews with the one full-time and four seasonal naturalists at the park, participant observations of the naturalists in their various roles, and artifacts, including written histories, reports, and program documentation.