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The occurrence of the boundary layer separation greatly reduces the effective smoke exhausting area of the vertical shaft and the natural ventilation effectiveness.
Literature review shows that the most commonly used multizone network models for natural ventilation are COMIS (Feustel 1999) and CONTAM (Walton and Dols 2006).
The RSF automatic window control strategy began as a simple night purging sequence, then evolved into a twenty-four-hour natural ventilation scheme.
The influence of porous screens on natural ventilation in a dwelling unit.
Natural ventilation is an option that allows occupants to breathe unfiltered outdoor air when outside conditions are optimal.
The 43-classroom and laboratory facility promotes a healthy learning environment through balanced daylight, natural ventilation, engineered acoustics, efficient building systems and sustainable materials.
Inlets on the NW facade supply outdoor air to floors 2 and 4-9 when the natural ventilation system is in operation.
MONROE, Ohio, June 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Deceuninck North America, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality systems for windows, doors, and outdoor living; has formed a marketing partnership with RENSON Ventilation NV, a trendsetter in natural ventilation and sun protection, to add even greater value to Deceuninck's high-quality, energy-efficient vinyl windows for commercial applications.
This is evident when making decisions on integrating HVAC systems with natural ventilation via operable windows and window management procedures.
Openable windows assist with natural ventilation, and hot air is dissipated at high outlets through the stack effect.
Collections will be stored in conditions needed to ensure their preservation with a special, low-energy design where natural ventilation and the building structure help ensure the necessary environment.