natural remedies

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alternative medicine

a heterogeneous set of practices 'that are offered as an alternative to conventional medicine, for the preservation of health and the diagnosis and treatment of health-related problems; its practitioners are often called healers'; alternative health care practices constitute a vast array of treatments and ideologies, which may be well-known, exotic, mysterious, or even dangerous, and are based on no common or consistent philosophy; the practitioners range from being sincere, well-educated, and committed to their form of healing, to charlatans, deprecatingly known as 'quacks'. See Fringe medicine, Holistic medicine, Integrative medicine, Office of Alternative Medicine. Cf Unproven methods for cancer management.
Alternaive therapies, types of
Alternative (formal) systems
Acupuncture, ayurvedic medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, homeopathy, osteopathy
Body awareness
Exercise and movement therapies, eg dance therapy, martial arts, yoga
Manipulative therapies
Chiropractic, Hellerwork, Rolfing®
Mental therapies
Humanistic psychology, hypnosis
Natural remedies
Diet, eg macrobiotics, naturopathy
Sensory therapies
Art, color, and music therapy

natural remedies

Substances of claimed medical value derived directly from plants or other natural sources. The view that natural remedies are in some way superior to those developed scientifically is mistaken. Many useful drugs in the pharmacopoeia are derived from natural sources but these have been purified and assayed so that accurate and safe dosage becomes possible. Most readily available and useful natural remedies have been exploited in this way and the search for other useful natural drugs continues. Some natural remedies have been found to be dangerous. Many of those on sale are of little value.
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Retailers and shoppers here, they say, have been much slower to accept homeopathy and natural remedies than their counterparts abroad, where the products have been part of almost every pharmacy's mix for more than a century.
With prescription drug prices spiraling out of control and reaching levels beyond the means of some consumers, homeopathic and natural remedies are helping to fill the void.
Our core mission is to be sensitive and mindful of our impact on the environment, people, and customers, as well as everyone associated with Natural Remedies.
GORDINIER-REGAN: The natural channel (Whole Foods Market and independents) has historically been the prominent retail channel to offer natural remedies.
Dr Mukesh Batra said patients are seeking "natural remedies" to cure certain illnesses, such as hair loss, acne, stomachaches and diabetes.
It is geared to the person who wants to make the change to natural remedies but not to read volumes of books before deciding on a course of action.
If you've had little success, then perhaps it's time to turn to natural remedies.
NATURAL REMEDIES Chewing on raw ginger, drinking water and even snacking on ginger biscuits are just some of the natural remedies that can help.
What natural remedies could I give her instead or as well as conventional medication?
The use of natural remedies in the world of martial arts both mirrors and predates this trend.
12 October 2010 - CRISIL said today it had confirmed the BBB-/stable/P3 ratings on the bank facilities of Natural Remedies Pvt Ltd.
I like the way Castleman cuts through the confusion that has begun to surround natural remedies and combines his thorough descriptions of ailments and herbs with the latest science on the subject.

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