natural killer cells

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nat·u·ral kill·er cells (NK),

large granular lymphocytes that do not express markers of either T or B cell lineage. These cells do possess Fc receptors for IgG and can kill target cells using antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity. NK cells can also use perforin to kill cells in the absence of antibody. Killing occurs without previous sensitization.
Synonym(s): NK cells

natural killer cells

A class of large, granular lymphocytes that bind directly to cells bearing foreign ANTIGENS and kill them. Natural killer cells do not require prior exposure of the immune system to the antigen and kill their victims by programmed cell death (apoptosis).

natural killer cells, lymphocytes that are part of innate immunity that kill foreign substances and abnormal tissues. Decreased number or activi-ty has been linked to a number of diseases, including AIDS, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, immuno-deficiencies, and viral infections. See also innate immunity.
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Natural killer (NK) cells.
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The first line of defense against virus-infected (28-31) and cancer cells is our natural killer cells.
Natural killer cells in immunodefense against infective agents.
Activation mechanisms of natural killer cells during influenza virus infection.
The NANT Cancer Vaccine is the first combination immunotherapy protocol to orchestrate the delivery of metronomic low dose radiation and chemotherapy with molecularly informed tumor associated antigen vaccines and natural killer cells, to activate the innate and adaptive immune system and to induce immunogenic cell death.
The study found that during pregnancy, a decline in the number of natural killer cells that are a type of immune system cell, ripens conditions in the body for existing tumors to spread to new locations, reports Live Science.
In a series of patent applications, his team reports that CLA dramatically increases several families of infection-fighting white blood cells, including a type known as natural killer cells.
Pre-clinical studies conducted at Sweden's Karolinska Institute have demonstrated that Vycellix's molecules significantly enhance cancer targeting cytotoxic lymphocytes such as cytotoxic T cells and natural killer cells (NK cells).
These then developed into thriving T cells and natural killer cells, reports study coauthor Alain Fischer, an immunologist at Necker Hospital in Paris.
It's basically just a lot of calories, but research suggests that it can suppress the natural killer cells," said Dr Adel Shaker, medical director at CARE fertility clinic in Sheffield.

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