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A border, frontier
Biology See Biological boundary
Psychology A barrier between two or more people, in particular between a doctor and patients and/or subordinates
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[f.sub.2](y) and [f.sub.4](y) are both natural boundary conditions and they need not be imposed in the finite element space.
In the beginning of the 1870s the northern limit of Geo-Ecological Finland was no more problematic: since there was no natural boundary, one could do with the political one.
iii) Then solve the velocity and pressure field by introducing the calculated wall shear stress as a natural boundary condition treating the mold wall surface as if it belonged to [[tau].sub.T].
The River Barrow is the natural boundary for Graiguecullen, he arugued and produced a document which he claimed was proof that up to February of this year Eire Og and Carlow county board recognised the river as the boundary for GAA purposes.
Yet on later trips, as the trip malls went up and the land was used for whatever its owner decided, he could see that "green zones" and "natural boundary areas" had all just been talk.
As competitive intelligence draws on different subject areas and specialist skills, it is likely to fit best in academic disciplines that are natural boundary spanners--e.g., communication studies or information studies.
It was the battle of Muret in 1213 which decided that Aragon would not extend beyond the natural boundary of the Pyrenees.
The river also serves as a natural boundary between Iligan and Bukidnon, as well as Bukidnon and CdO.
It is thought the river was a natural boundary between the Saxon kingdoms of Mercia and Northumbria.
Over recent years, the event has been blessed with one of the most scenic venues in the country at Gelli Aur, with the River Towy, famous for its sea trout and salmon, providing a natural boundary on its north side.