Native American Diet

A natural (healthful) diet based on what the land provides: game (meat), fish, plants—e.g., corn, berries, and nuts
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The nutritionally laden heirloom Native American diet of blue corn, lean buffalo meat, fruits, and vegetables is gone.
Remarkably, these crops were not only staples in the Native American diet, they were interdependent upon each other.
On the last expanse of untrammeled Midwestern grassland, Jones examines the interrelations of aquifers with prairie chickens and deerflies, of wild berries and nuts in the native American diet. Layered over biological and geological observations are comments on the Lakota myths of the Milky Way and the settler's battle against drought, hailstones, and pulmonary disease.
Fiddleheads, the tightly curled shoots of young ferns, are a popular food in Atlantic Canada and were also a part of the traditional Native American diet. Add to that list buffalo and caribou meat, salmon and any number of other fish-harvested both from fresh and saltwater sources, goose, turkey, rabbit, well, it just goes on and on.
Thus, the traditional Native American diet is superior to the modern diet in its carbohydrate characteristics.
But the fun for me is the accompaniments, this year I am trying Succotash - apparently a staple part of the Native American diet as it consists mainly of corn and beans.
It was a staple of Native American diets and was adopted by Spanish colonists only because they couldn't grow wheat here.
Because of this, most Native American diets consist of highly processed, commodity foods that lack nutrition and freshness.
The most recent feminist research in many Native American cultures suggests that women's gathering and agricultural activities represented the mainstay rather than a minor part of Native American diets. Was this the case among the Chiricahuas as well?
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