National Stroke Association

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National Stroke Association



A nonprofit organization devoted to stroke prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and research and to the support of people who have had strokes as well as their partners and families. Website: Phone: 1-800-STROKES.
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American Heart Association and National Stroke Association national survey of stroke awareness among women.
The National Stroke Association's (NSA) Prevention Advisory Board recently released its Stroke Prevention Guidelines, the first-ever national expert consensus set of recommendations on what the public can do to prevent stroke.
National Stroke Association (NSA) is the only national organization solely dedicated to reducing the incidence and impact of stroke in our nation.
The Exhibition is supported by the College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka College of Pediatricians, The College of General Practitioners of Sri Lanka , Sri Lanka College of Venereologists, Sri Lanka College of Ophthalmologists, Ceylon College of Physicians, The Association of Sri Lanka Neurologists, The National Stroke Association and The Sri Lanka Dental Association.
According to the National Stroke Association, up to 80 percent of strokes are preventable.
* National Stroke Association Information about stroke and support for stroke survivors and their families is available from:
According to the National Stroke Association, four out of five families will be affected by stroke over the course of a lifetime.
Experts at the National Stroke Association say the following lifestyle and medical changes can help lower your risk of death or disability from stroke.
During May, several CDC-sponsored Cardiovascular Health State Programs, the National Stroke Association, the American Stroke Association, and other federal agencies will highlight programs and activities about prevention and awareness of stroke and its risk factors.
Gerard Francisco reported at a meeting sponsored by the National Stroke Association. This finding, based on the 1-year follow up results from the first eight patients in an ongoing study, shows "great promise for widespread use" of intrathecal baclofen in stroke survivors.
Members of the Bromwell Academy of Dance raised pounds 800 for the National Stroke Association from their annual charity show at Coventry Technical College.
Minor strokes occur more frequently than most doctors believe, and primary care physicians are not as thorough as they should be in evaluating these patients, according to two national studies sponsored by the National Stroke Association. About 5,000,000 adults have been diagnosed with a mini-stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA).

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