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A recognizable skeletal or soft tissue structure used as a reference point in measurements or in describing the location of other structures. See: cephalometry; craniometry

bony landmark

A structure or spot on a bone used as a reference for measurement.

cephalometric landmark

A bony point that is used in living persons or radiographs for measurements of the head or face or orientation of the head in certain positions.

craniometric landmark

A bony point or area on the skull used for measurements or orientation of the skull.

orbital landmark

A cephalometric point located at the lowest point of the orbital margin.

radiographic landmark

A cephalometric, craniometric, or soft tissue landmark used for orientation or measurements.

soft tissue landmark

An area or point on a soft tissue used as a point of reference for measurements of the body or its parts.
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Anatomic structure used in locating, identifying, referencing, and measurement.
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They scheduled readings in venues throughout the city, including their North Philadelphia home, the National Historic Landmark Church of the Advocate.
assistant secretary of the interior for fish, wildlife and parks, signed the formal documentation declaring National Historic Landmark status for the academy's cadet area because of its unique resources, which include Arnold Hall, Harmon Hall, Fairchild Hall, Vandenberg Hall, the aerospace laboratory, planetarium, physical education building, cadet chapel, Terrazzo, court of honor and the parade grounds.
You'll be cruising the river on a National Historic Landmark.
National Historic Landmark. Weekend rentals for up to 125 guests runs US$7,500.
From July 30 through September 11, the National Historic Landmark vessel will steam on nine waterways to eight major port cities (including Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Nashville, Mobile, New Orleans, Memphis, St.
The museum, about 80 miles east of Pittsburgh, is on the site of the former Pennsylvania Railroad's largest factory and is near the Horseshoe Curve National Historic Landmark. The bend was opened in 1854 as a way to get trains around a ravine in the Allegheny Mountains.
The neighborhood, however, is still home to some of Chicago's oldest residences, such as the Clark House on Indiana Avenue and the national historic landmark Glessner House, both built in 1836.
In 1997, the 3.5-acre park was designated a National Historic Landmark because of its significant role in American labor history; it was the site of the first Labor Day celebration in 1882.
That achievement was recognized in 1998 with a National Historic Landmark sign dedicated at the Polymer Science Building at the University of Akron.
This lesson is based on the National Historic Landmark documentation file,"Bennington Battlefield" and other sources.
A National Historic Landmark since 1975, the Victorian Gothic building at 1241 Elm Street draws the eyes and the ears, especially from the red plush seats of the acoustically excellent Springer Auditorium.
Brown's original cylindrical grinding machine, have also been registered collectively as a National Historic Landmark.

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