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abbreviation for nanocurie.


A gene on chromosome 2q31.1 that encodes chimerin 1, a GTPase-activating protein for ras-related p21-rac and a phorbol ester receptor. It is predominantly expressed in neurones and plays a key role in neuronal signal transduction.

Molecular pathology
CHN1 mutations are linked to Duane’s retraction syndrome type 2.
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The review that education secretary Michael Gove announced in January 2011 of the primary and secondary national curriculum for England had the stated intention of replacing the current curriculum with one based on the best school systems in the world.
Moreover, Brennan questions whether these goals are actually achievable through a national curriculum initiative.
The previous federal government--formed by a coalition of the Liberal and National parties--made several attempts to win approval on testing regimes and a national curriculum.
We intend that these subject areas should become part of the statutory National Curriculum.
You will all be well aware that the winds of National Curriculum change are upon us and are now blowing with something like hurricane force.
The University of Sydney held a National Curriculum Symposium in December to bring together teachers, school system personnel, academics and representatives from the National Curriculum Board to have a "robust and broad ranging discussion" about the four framing papers released by the NCB: English, Mathematics, History and the Sciences.
A NEW National Curriculum for secondary schools published today is not "meddling" but will give teachers greater freedom, the head of the exams watchdog said.
A national curriculum that required teachers to teach about global warming would make it more difficult for one parent to interfere, and a spineless school board like the one in Federal Way would have something to fall back on to support its teachers.
Chilkovsky made films on dance and music ethnology, notated a wide variety of dances including dances on the TV show American Bandstand, ran a private school for K-12 with a dance emphasis, and created a national curriculum for dance in secondary school education.
A teaching union today called for a radical overhaul of the national curriculum and an end to testing of schoolchildren under 16.
The Code lists the types of information to be collected by the teacher, incorporating: class records, national curriculum Attainments, standardised test results or profiles, records of achievements, observations about the child's behaviour, information from parents on their child, child's perceptions of his/her difficulties and any information from other sources (health and social services), (DENI, 1998).
org/breakingthemold/, where teachers will find educational resources including lesson plans based on national curriculum standards, a list of suggested reference books, a directory of pertinent websites, and a glossary of respiratory health terms.

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