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A gene on chromosome 2q31.1 that encodes chimerin 1, a GTPase-activating protein for ras-related p21-rac and a phorbol ester receptor. It is predominantly expressed in neurones and plays a key role in neuronal signal transduction.

Molecular pathology
CHN1 mutations are linked to Duane’s retraction syndrome type 2.
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In the first place, the impetus for curriculum definition which has precipitated (or been the pretext for) the latest round of attacks on social history in the United States seems to have been presented differently from the origins of the British National Curriculum, which was controversial in different ways.
He said the National Curriculum Council (NCC) was established
The National Curriculum stops at 16 but ministers can send a powerful signal by making a further two years of study compulsory.
The new draft national curriculum states that in key stages one to three (ages five to 14) the design and technology curriculum should teach practical knowledge, skills and crafts in fields such as "horticulture: to cultivate plants for practical purposes, such as for food or for decorative displays."
As greater focus is placed on raising standards in literacy, numeracy and science, and with a stronger emphasis on curriculum creativity and flexibility, our National Curriculum Reform Conference is designed to prepare delegates for the delivery of the new curriculum in 2014.
Teachers will have access to free educational resources to use in the classroom, including reconstruction drawings, aerial views, and timelines Adrienne Goodenough, Cadw's lifelong learning manager, said: "These workshops aim to engage local young people with their heritage and local historical sites as well as meet national curriculum requirements by linking heritage, history and the arts in an educational way." * For further information, contact Adrienne Goodenough on 01443 336142.
Launching a review of the entire national curriculum, Mr Gove said English, maths and science, along with PE, should form the core of the curriculum.
Children who register free on Footee 2010 can choose from more than 100 games, each with a National Curriculum basis, play live online gaming against friends, and build and manage their own fantasy team.
Lynda Waltho (Lab, Stourbridge) was one of the authors of a report warning that the "bloated" National Curriculum had left teachers "de-skilled" and "demotivated".
By the time this Journal reaches you the period of consultation on the National Curriculum Framing Papers (including for Science) will have concluded and the development of the curriculum itself will be in progress.

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