National Bureau of Standards

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National Institute of Standards and Technology

A branch of the US Commerce Department’s technology administration which maintains primary reference standards and develops reference methods and materials.
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In National Bureau of Standards (Ed.), Tables of the binomial probability distribution.
These vials are to cholesterol testing what the atomic clocks at the National Bureau of Standards are to your watch.
The specifics were hammered out in meetings of representatives of DONOACS, the National Bureau of Standards and vendors.
The unemployment rate, which measures the number of people actively looking for a job was reportedly 12% in 2008, according to statistics from South Sudan National Bureau of Standards (SSNBS).
Raybold, Designs for the Calibration of Standards of Mass, National Bureau of Standards Technical Note 952, U.S.
In 1956, Ghaffari moved permanently to the US to become a senior mathematician at the US National Bureau of Standards. Part of his work there involved calculations of the motion of artificial satellites.
Thomas was chief of the Resistance and Reactance Section of the National Bureau of Standards until his retirement in 1962.
Thermal conversion factors for each type were calculated on a foreign country basis through 1996, by determining the average American Petroleum Institute (API) gravity of crude imported from each foreign country from Form ERA-60 in 1977, or for 1997 and later, by determining the weighted average API gravity from the Form EIA-814, and converting average API gravity to average Btu content by using National Bureau of Standards, Miscellaneous Publication No.
"Rather, for its own reasons that are independent of Michigan tort law, it simply makes a factual finding regarding the safety and efficacy of drugs." The legislature chose to adopt the FDA's findings only as a standard by which to determine whether reasonable care has been taken by drug manufacturers or sellers, the court said, in the same way that states adopt the findings of the National Bureau of Standards when referring to weights.
Formerly known as the National Bureau of Standards, NIST promotes economic growth by working with industry to develop and apply technology, measurement and standards.

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