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Alexander, London dentist, 1789-1849. See: Nasmyth cuticle, Nasmyth membrane.
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You will find yourself the most popular man down there, Nasmyth!"
But you shouldn't have been angry with me for saying you were a generous good chap, Nasmyth, when you were one all.
I've been sorry for poor old Nipper Nasmyth. Did you see the idea of being popular dawn upon him for the first time in his life?"
(10) Foster, for instance, names James Nasmyth, "self-made engineer and inventor of the steam-hammer..." (23), or Samuel Greg, a Manchester mill-owner who, Gaskell thought, "might...
Works by renowned painters Sir John Lavery, Patrick Nasmyth, and Sir James Guthrie, 9.30am-5.30pm; Last admission, 4.45pm.
Anyone wishing to donate items can hand them in or send them to the Red Cross office at 4 Nasmyth Place, Hillington, Glasgow, marked for the attention of Ann Brogan.
Passing the terraced houses of Nasmyth Street, you get an idea of what the area was possibly like 150 years ago.
The other Nasmyth focus features a dedicated tele extender that produces a focal ratio of f/16.
Among their topics are one world is not enough: the Moon in Persian astronomy during the Naseri period 1848-96, James Nasmyth on the Moon: on becoming a lunar being without the lunacy, Karl Friedrich K'ster's Moon photographic plates at Bonn Observatory, and the digital sky of Hamburg Observatory: bringing astro-photograph plates from the 20th into the 21st century.
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Understanding the illustrations as a significant marketing device, Morison emphasised in advertisements that the volume would contain 'Five beautiful engravings, from original designs, very highly finished by Beugo', who, in 1787, had engraved Alexander Nasmyth's bust portrait of Burns, thereby helping to make the poet's likeness widely available.
Nasmyth, "Molecular architecture of SMC proteins and the yeast cohesin complex," Molecular Cell, vol.