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The financing of terrorist activities through illegal drug trafficking
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Opposition legislators questioned the interior and defense ministers' leadership in the fight against narcoterrorism, and they introduced a motion of censure.
This could involve smuggling, narcoterrorism, illicit transfers of advanced munitions or weapons, or the exploitation of urban gang networks.
Ehrenfeld, the author of NarcoTerrorism and Funding Evil, told THE NEW AMERICAN: "Both [Hamas and Fatah] carry out suicide bombings, murder, kidnapping, assassination, rocket attacks on civilian neighborhoods, extortion, drug trafficking--you name it.
Travel warnings in some countries, including the United States, still associate Colombia with narcoterrorism and violence.
25 in the eastern Pacific Ocean, while the ship was deployed for counter narcoterrorism , or CNT, work, according to information provided by the U.
Today, we must ponder the implications of weapons of mass destruction (WMD)--chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear--as well as cyberterrorism, narcoterrorism, and transnational groups and networks using increasingly powerful and sophisticated means and methods of mass communication, information, and propaganda.
The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the United Self Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC), and the National Liberation Army (ELN) are all involved in narcoterrorism.
What we do--as far as the global war on terrorism--is counter narcoterrorism," Colonel Bassett said.
Very early on the military was intimately linked with the paramilitary networks, and any concerns about human rights violations were overridden by the focus on narcoterrorism.
In all, four courses were offered to civilian police officers: Counterdrug Investigations, Field Tactical Police Operations, Special Reaction Team, and Narcoterrorism Personal Protection.
Economically and socially devastated, Afghanistan has witnessed more than two decades of civil war, narcoterrorism, socio-political repression, and displaced people.
Several questions loom: Has the Pakistani military been a major beneficiary of narcoterrorism in Afghanistan since 1996, when the Taliban took power?