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The financing of terrorist activities through illegal drug trafficking
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Opposition legislators questioned the interior and defense ministers' leadership in the fight against narcoterrorism, and they introduced a motion of censure.
Some areas explored include terrorism financing, immigration and narcoterrorism, domestic threats and civil liberties, and international cooperation, intelligence gathering, and threat assessment.
Is it narcoinsurgency, narcoterrorism, or a crime wave that is gripping Mexico?
The narcoterrorism that wreaked havoc in its northern and border cities has quieted down, enabling its labor arbitrage benefits to once again grab corporate attention.
(153) Immigration enforcement and deportations have been the most--used tool since 9/11 to attack terrorism, and narcotics enforcement measures merge into "narcoterrorism" investigations.
With the cessation of the 1980s civil wars in El Salvador and Nicaragua, the Honduran armed forces refocused their orientation toward combating transnational threats such as narcoterrorism and organized crime.
(51.) See, for example, Frank Hyland, "Peru's Sendero Luminoso: From Maoism to NarcoTerrorism," Jamestown Foundation Terrorism Monitor 6, no.
Earlier, Arturo Chavez, Mexico's attorney general, said there was no evidence of "narcoterrorism" in the attack which injured 16 people.
In fact, the term 'narcoterrorism,' as best illustrated by groups like the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) aptly describes this cross-miscegenation.