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The financing of terrorist activities through illegal drug trafficking
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He added that they used the term narco-terrorism to refer to any group that seeks to fight the government through the use of illegal drugs.
Narco-terrorism refers to armed rebel groups engaging in illegal drug trade to finance its operations in a particular area.
"The source of the drugs are mainly Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India-China with landing areas in East Africa being used as temporary trans-shipment hubs for smuggling operations," said Johan Obdola, a narco-terrorism expert.
Obdola is an international expert on narco-terrorism and a former chief of The International Association of Airport and Seaport Police, Canada's Latin American bureau.
narco-terrorism operations are implemented on the ground through
Bagcho was convicted by a jury on March 13, after a three week trial for trying to unlawfully import and distribute heroin into the US and also charges of narco-terrorism. His trial was the second case heard under the narco-terrorism statute since its enactment in 2006.
It is unlikely that the host governments will be apprised of any special operations which are outside the parameters of fighting narco-terrorism.
"[Cartels] frequently engage in brutal acts of narco-terrorism to undermine democratic institutions and the rule of law, and to incite fear among the people and law enforcement," says Vincent Perez, a spokesman for Reyes.
North-eastern states also have to confront the problem of 'narco-terrorism' from the direction of Myanmar.
law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the Americas and Caribbean in disrupting illicit trafficking and narco-terrorism. As DOD's newest command, AFRICOM works with U.S.
"While Colombia's families celebrated the holiday, our soldiers kept their commitment to confront narco-terrorism in the jungles of the country," Defence Minister Gabriel Silva said.
With narco-terrorism upon us, with Texas gun-dealers supplying arms to the narcobanditry, history is repeating itself, for the United States is both causing the war (as the major narcotics consumer) and helping fight it.