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Greek mythological youth who refused all offers of love.
narcissism - self-love, which may include sexual attraction toward oneself. Synonym(s): self-love
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Narcissus does not just symbolize the personality trait named after him, but also the foolish arrogance of youth that many of us, myself included, can show from time to time.
And now there are so many new(ish) varieties to choose from too, like the eye-catching and rare pink coloured daffodil with fluffy double flowers, Narcissus Replete.
That shouldn't happen going this way around, especially as the runners are likely to go a slower pace on heavy ground at this much stiffer venue, and the more of a test this becomes the more it will suit Black Narcissus, who was a winner over 2m7f at Exeter, another stiff right-handed track.
Divide Narcissus tazetta after flowering or if the clump is overgrown or produced fewer blooms than previous years.
Narcissus Is Dreaming is successful in telling a new story that gets inside the main characters' heads.
Narcissus THEIR trumpet-shaped blooms hail the true start of spring, whether in dazzling in-your-face yellow or more subtle, paler hues.
The genus Narcissus comprises bulbous plants of the Northern Hemisphere belonging to the Amaryllidaceae family, consisting of about 63 species and many subspecific taxa and natural hybrids [10,11].
has published Teaching Narcissus to Swim by Scott Wells.
Narcissus Tete-a-Tete is one of the earliest flowering varieties and its clusters of small, bright, golden-yellow grow to just 10 inches, making it the nation's favourite narcissus for growing in patio pots and window boxes.