Napoleon Complex

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A popular term for the inferiority complex that short men (under 5’9') in society are commonly assumed to possess, which causes them—at least per theory—to overcompensate by trying harder than men of average height (5’10') in life’s activities
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It may well be spawned by North Korean despot Kim Jong-un, a mophaired monster I study on TV and ponder: How short do you have to be to have a Napoleon complex? The diminutive, power-crazed Frenchman will be remembered on June 18, the 204th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, a landmark confrontation with strong Birmingham and Black Country links.
It may well be spawned by North Korean despot Kim Jong-un, a mop-haired monster I study on TV and ponder: How short do you have to be in North Korea to have a Napoleon complex? Actually, we've got an IT worker nicknamed Napoleon because he keeps on taking his phone apart.
According to local media reports, he suffered from a condition called the Napoleon complex, which made him insecure about his short stature.
This belief even coined the Napoleon complex - the idea that some people aggressively gain power to make up for short stature.
Where will it all end?" Conservative MP Geoffrey Cox on the ruling that MPs do not have to wear ties in the Commons chamber "I am a smaller man, so I probably have a Napoleon complex. I was always quite punchy" Musician James Blunt "On Sunday, I am going to go wild.
People have argued for years about Short Man Syndrome - also called Napoleon Complex after the diddy French Emperor.
Jair is depicted as a friendless young man suffering from a Napoleon complex, all while trapped in a dysfunctional family.
Napoleon Complex, the California community being formed by Jay Shafer, is still in the planning stages and will feature homes from Four Lights Houses.
Darker still is "Baby Face Nelson" (1957), directed by the great Don Siegel ("Dirty Harry") and featuring Rooney as the eponymous John Dillinger associate, known for his trigger-happy ways and massive Napoleon complex. It is an unsparing, startlingly violent film that in many ways anticipates "Bonnie and Clyde" by a decade (unsurprisingly, New York Times critic Bosley Crowther panned it, too), and Rooney is absolutely terrifying in it: shifty, seething with rage against the world, primed to explode.
Recent research by Oxford University claims to demonstrate that "short man syndrome" (popularly known as the Napoleon complex) is real, not just a wheeze invented by tall people.
Surely giving his club's record signing a Napoleon complex is the last thing Allardyce wants?
You'd probably need a team of psycho-socio-cultural experts to analyse and explain this phenomenon, though some people have suggested that the "holier-than-thou" attitude emanates from what is commonly known as the "Napoleon complex"--being small in size, but sanctimonious in manner.