Napoleon Complex

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A popular term for the inferiority complex that short men (under 5’9') in society are commonly assumed to possess, which causes them—at least per theory—to overcompensate by trying harder than men of average height (5’10') in life’s activities
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I am a smaller man, so I probably have a Napoleon complex.
Conservative MP Geoffrey Cox on the ruling that MPs do not have to wear ties in the Commons chamber "I am a smaller man, so I probably have a Napoleon complex.
People have argued for years about Short Man Syndrome - also called Napoleon Complex after the diddy French Emperor.
Jair is depicted as a friendless young man suffering from a Napoleon complex, all while trapped in a dysfunctional family.
Napoleon Complex, the California community being formed by Jay Shafer, is still in the planning stages and will feature homes from Four Lights Houses.
Darker still is "Baby Face Nelson" (1957), directed by the great Don Siegel ("Dirty Harry") and featuring Rooney as the eponymous John Dillinger associate, known for his trigger-happy ways and massive Napoleon complex.
That makes me query whether Napoleon complex sufferers are actually affected by their height: perhaps the syndrome is just something we attribute to people who are aggressive and overbearing and would have been the same whatever their height.
Surely giving his club's record signing a Napoleon complex is the last thing Allardyce wants?
I watched dangerous despot Kim Jongun and thought: I wonder how short you have to be to have a Napoleon complex in North Korea?
media is reporting that former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, a modern case study in the Napoleon complex, wants to be president again.
While the Nankin is one of the smallest recognized breeds of chickens, it doesn't suffer from a Napoleon complex.
She discusses porcelain economy in Lamb's Essays of Elia, James Hogg's Napoleon complex in The Private Memoirs, Corinne and the making of Landon's giftbook style, and Byron's Island and the Liberal.