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Q. What do I do with this horrible Diaper Rash?? I have no idea what is up with my daughters diaper rash, she is a year old and I do everything to keep this rash from coming, but it comes back! All week I have let her run without a diaper on trying to let it air out as much as possible, (thank god for carpet shampooers).Is there any secret that someone has to getting rid of this rash?

A. My own daughter was yeasty from whatever they do to newborns in the hospital and I battled it ever day until I started taking garlic gel tabs. Because I breasfed her she got all the benefits of it and her bottom cleared right up.
Probiotics can help, yogurt, kefir and the like. Super Salve from is amazing in its healing abilities. Avoid processed foods and especially sugars.

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Under the ASMITA Scheme, the Government of Maharashtra is driving better health facilities for women by increasing availability of subsidized sanitary napkins to school girls at Rs.
8 (ANI): On International Women's Day, Union Minister Ananth Kumar launched 100 percent oxo-biodegradable sanitary napkins 'Suvdiha' at low cost.
It is an irony that in a country, which wants to propel itself to the club of super powers, only 12% of 355 million menstruating women use sanitary napkins and the remaining 88% resort to shocking alternatives like unsanitized cloth.
Besides, the women of the area get sanitary napkins at low prices from her factory, she added.
A DINER has slammed what she branded "offensive" napkins being used by a smart Merseyside restaurant.
Disposal of used sanitary napkins has been a very common problem everywhere.
THE much touted tax- free sanitary napkins failed to be included under the government's GST slab.
by Oneza Tabish Napkins must be used frequently during the meals to gently pat or blot, but not to wipe the mouth.
Asked about the similarity in the theme, Saxena said: "As far as I know, the story of Padman is about how successfully a man made cheap sanitary napkins that benefited many women.
The company introduces pure bamboo single use napkins to its growing clientele of catering, hospitality and restaurant customers looking for eco friendly products.
Some of the world's most creative and powerful ideas have had a very humble start as sketches on napkins.