Gandy-Nanta disease

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Gan·dy-Nan·ta dis·ease

(gan'dē nan'tă),
siderotic splenomegaly, probably the same as Gamna disease.
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Charles, French physician, 1872–.
Gamna-Gandy bodies - see under Gamna
Gandy-Gamna bodies - Synonym(s): Gamna-Gandy bodies
Gandy-Nanta disease - siderotic splenomegaly.


Andre, French dermatologist, 1883-1966.
Gandy-Nanta disease - see under Gandy
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Haegeum, a Korean traditional musical instrument, traditional Korean dance and Nanta performance prepared by the company's college student volunteers will also be showcased.
In line with this, President of the National Association of Nigerian Travel Agencies (NANTA), Bernard Bankole, said the airlines, as well as other stakeholders, have a lot to gain working in harmony than in silos and with a policy direction for growth and mutual benefit.
He said the passengers initially said they were traveling as tourists to watch a Nanta acrobatic exhibition show in South Korea.
The other finalists are Huli by Coco Oei, Whereabouts by Kyle Francisco, Kwentong Labi by Joey Singh, Sa Among Agwat (In Between Spaces) by Don Senoc, Mark and Lenny by Gio Potes, Old Thoughts in Tattered Paper by Mina Cruz, Nangungupahan (Who Rents There Now?) by Glenn Barit, Ang Lalaking May Regla sa Gitna ng Dagat by James Fajardo, Breakdown by Neil Gabriel Nanta, Flower Codec Lotus by Gio Lingao, Katong Gabii (That Night) by Jeremy Luke Bolatag, Kinalimutan Natin ang mga Bata by Gilb Baldoza, Next by Noah del Rosario, Palabas (A Country in Moving Pictures) by Arjanmar Rebeta, Pulangui by Bagane Fiola, Sa Gabing Tanging Liwanag ay Paniniwala (Belief as the Light in Darkness) by Francis Guillermo and Tembong by Shai Advincula.
The home minister confirmed the approval was granted in response to a question from Kapit MP Alexander Nanta Linggi (PBB) in his wind-up Budget 2019 debate.
Mr Bankole Bernard, President, National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies (NANTA) said President Macron's planned visit was an initiative of the Lagos State Government.
Together with famous nonverbal performance "Nanta!", the event showcased a unique performance combining "gugak," traditional Korean music, and a janggu (hourglass-shaped drum) dance.
The two-day extravaganza was kicked off with fanfare and authentic Korean performances such as Nanta (non-verbal performance) and B-boying (by Gambler Crew) flown from South Korea.
"Nanta," the first Asian musical to debut on Broadway, will be the third performance, and is a high-strung non-verbal comedy related around the zany antics of a bunch of cooks and their kitchen drama.
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