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M., 20th-century Egyptian surgeon. See: Salah sternal puncture needle.
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If such aggressiveness can be allowed in premises maintained by public money, there is no reason to ban the practice of namaaz which, according to the Supreme Court, 'can be offered anywhere, even in the open'.
The Prophet Mohammad said: "Allah Almighty forgives the sins committed between two Fridays of the one who performs his Friday Namaaz regularly."
Maybe soon, the UN would declare International Day of Namaaz as well if Islamic world requests for it.
Women still cover their faces: every girl gets her head covered whenever the call for namaaz is echoed from the thousands of speakers bellowing from the Mosques.
"We read the 'namaaz' together now and I know as children they have issues of wearing Indian clothes and stuff, but it's fun, I am more excited about getting the 'namaaz' done than the film collections."
I can read Dr Mustafa's agony over the disturbing developments in Lucknow after Alvida namaaz. And as I pen this blog I see MNS leader Raj Thackeray's show of strength in Mumbai.
The "Ifthar" provided after the Namaaz was shared among the staff and invitees irrespective of caste.
28 -- The Somaiya Grounds in Sion (E) was flooded with spirituality as more than one lakh Muslim devotees gathered to offer prayers for the Jumaah Namaaz. And they had a special visitor joining them - the Imaam and Khateeb of Masjid Al Haram, Makkah Al Mukarramah Shaikh Saud bin Ibrahim bin Muhammad Ash Shuraim.
Maids and child-minders will allowed to accompany mothers, free of cost, and welcomed into the "Maids-Lounge" and there shall be facility areas for moms like "Pampers(r) Diaper Changing Stations", "Breast Feeding Zones", "Namaaz Area", etc.
Gandhi noted that Muslim prisoners were very 'particular about their namaaz [prayer] and roza [fast]', and Anglia was appointed Imam to lead Muslim prisoners in their five daily prayers (Indian Opinion, 23 January 1909).
The special namaaz offered on this day is what gives us front-page photographs every year, with thousands of believers kneeling on the ground.
On Friday, our very considerate hosts offered Muslim participants a chance to join a local congregation for noon prayers in a small room where the minute local community gathered regularly for namaaz and fraternity.