Naked Mole Rat

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A virtually hairless and partially poikilothermic rodent—whimsically known as a sabre-toothed sausage—which is native to the horn of Africa. Naked mole rats are the most interactive of all vertebrates, and have a social structure similar to bees and other eusocial organisms
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The scientists also showed that naked mole-rats are protected from another deadly aspect of low oxygen -- a buildup of fluid in the lungs called pulmonary edema that afflicts mountain climbers at high altitude.
Unlike other subterranean mammals, naked mole-rats live in hyper-crowded conditions, packed in with hundreds of colony mates.
As is the case with many other socially organized species, naked mole-rats exhibit a combination of self-organized cooperation (pre-programmed individual `volunteerism') and orchestrated social controls that are policed by various coercive means.
Thus, a naked mole-rat colony may be characterized as a superorganism with a superordinate system of cybernetic control (`government').
Naked mole-rats eke out a living under the nearly blind but ever-vigilant eye of a queen.
All this adds up to the fact that naked mole-rats fit the strict definition of a 'eusocial' animal: At least two generations live and work together; the family participates in taking care of the young; and only a very few members ever reproduce.
Additionally, the researchers showed naked mole-rats are immune to pulmonary edema - a fluid buildup in the lungs seen in mountain climbers at high altitudes.
Unless you happen to be a naked mole-rat, in which case you simply change your metabolism to that of a plant.
The naked mole-rats spent as much time exposing themselves to acidic fumes as they spent in fume-free areas, Park said.
In naked mole-rats, no such activity was found in the trigeminal nucleus when stimulated.
2 House mouse 27 Human 3-5 Blue whale 41 Naked mole-rat 4.
The naked mole-rats seemed oblivious to most concentrations of fumes, wandering around in acidic and non-acidic environments for about the same amount of time.