Naked Mole Rat

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A virtually hairless and partially poikilothermic rodent—whimsically known as a sabre-toothed sausage—which is native to the horn of Africa. Naked mole rats are the most interactive of all vertebrates, and have a social structure similar to bees and other eusocial organisms
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The naked mole rat genome resource: facilitating analyses of cancer and longevity-related adaptations.
Vera Gorbunova, PhD (Professor, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York) reported on the investigations she and her husband (Andrei Seluanov, PhD) have made into why naked mole rats live so long and don't get cancer.
According to the current results, the naked mole rat cells secrete extremely high-molecular mass HA, which is over five times larger than human or mouse HA.
Naked mole rats, despite their appearance, are extraordinary creatures as they have a relatively long lifespan of 30 year, live in environments that other animals deem toxic and ( cannot feel pain .
Dr Magalhaes added: "We aim to use the naked mole rat genome to understand the level of resistance it has to disease, particularly cancer, because this might give us more clues as to why some animals and humans are more prone to disease than others.
"With this work we want to establish the naked mole rat as the first model of resistance to chronic diseases of ageing."
Naked mole rats are small, hairless, subterranean rodents that have never been known to get cancer, despite having a 30-year lifespan.
Just how a naked mole rat queen dominates her subjects is still not entirely clear.
The naked mole rat, a burrowing rodent that lives in colonies much like those of ants, has already proven to be an excellent tool for aging and biomedical research because it is resistant to cancer and maintains protein integrity in the brain despite being exposed to oxidative damage, Dr.
The naked mole rat had the most robust and enduring supply.
For years, scientists have observed that just one female naked mole rat in a colony of about 80 animals does all of the breeding.