Naked Mole Rat

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A virtually hairless and partially poikilothermic rodent—whimsically known as a sabre-toothed sausage—which is native to the horn of Africa. Naked mole rats are the most interactive of all vertebrates, and have a social structure similar to bees and other eusocial organisms
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Both the hyaluronan discovery and the protein synthesis fidelity discovery caused the prestigious journal Science to name the naked mole rat "Vertebrate of the Year" for 2013.
According to the magazine, one paper explained how a ribosome in naked mole rats "excels at producing error-free proteins," while the other focused on "a supersized version of a complex sugar that.
The naked mole rat is the only mammal known that lives like a social insect, in colonies dominated by an oversized "queen" which mates with one or two males.
A statue saluting the contribution of the naked mole rat to pioneering research may not go amiss in Liverpool in the future, should this particular avenue of investigation bear as much fruit as some obviously believe it may.
everywhere the Pigeon series and Knuffle Bunny has created a wonderful character in Wilbur the naked mole rat - who loves to wear clothes.
Some animals--such as rabbits and naked mole rats (above)--make two kinds of droppings.
The advertising community has lost its way like naked mole rats running in a pitch black, circular underground tunnel, guided entirely by the smell ahead, unable to see the light.
A few months ago, Tuesday's Sciences section of The New York Times ran an article about the naked mole rat, a species of rodent which creates a beehivelike society, complete with a queen, sexless drones--the works--and is the only mammal known to do so.
Vera Gorbunova, PhD (Professor, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York) reported on the investigations she and her husband (Andrei Seluanov, PhD) have made into why naked mole rats live so long and don't get cancer.
Naked mole rat THIS sabre-toothed sausage is helping scientists in the fight against arthritis, pain, ageing and cancer.
LIVERPOOL scientists believe an unlikely member of the animal kingdom - the naked mole rat - could hold the key in the battle against cancer.
A team from the University of Liverpool's Institute of Integrative Biology have successfully mapped the genome of the naked mole rat.